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Google’s EU Fines Illustrate Key Business Concepts

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

by Justin Grensing, Esq., MBA

Google has not had a great couple of years in Europe. In March, the company was fined 1.5 billion euros—roughly $1.7 billion—for antitrust violations in the online advertising market. This represents the third such fine against the tech giant since 2017. “With the announcement on Wednesday, the European fines against Google total roughly €8.2 billion, or $9.3 billion,” says an article by Adam Satariano for the New York Times. “But the bloc has not received any of the money yet; Google is appealing the earlier decisions, and is mulling whether to appeal the most recent ruling.”

These fines provide some interesting business lessons relevant to any industry. (more…)

Privacy on the Web–Who’s Watching Me?

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

I’ve had a couple of situations recently that have made me feel a bit “creeped out” about what others may know about me or have the potential to know about me. I started my communications career in the field of direct marketing so I’m not a huge privacy fanatic, but it does seem that technology may create issues that previously didn’t exist–some significant.  (more…)