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How Behavioral Science Principles Can Turbocharge Your Marketing Success

Friday, August 21st, 2015
For years, behavioral sciences have been applied to marketing, both consciously and unconsciously. Even when marketers aren’t explicitly tapping into their knowledge of psychology, sociology, etc., they are often thinking in terms of how to satisfy the needs of a potential customer to: belong, to look attractive to the opposite sex, to demonstrate status, to feel as though they are providing for their family, etc. These are all fundamental drivers of human behavior. When we shape our marketing efforts to satisfy those needs, we are guided by the behavioral sciences, whether we know it or not. (more…)

The Value of an ELetter or Newsletter

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
During a recent conversation with a client, while talking about her new web site and ways to use the site to interact more with prospects and clients, she recalled that I had recommended an eletter at one point. But, she admitted that she really didn’t see the value of using a tool like that for her audience (and that may well be true given her communication goals and specific market).  Still, the conversation made me reflect on all of the reasons that I feel that eletters (or even the old, traditional, print newsletter) can be very useful communication tools for marketers and why it’s worth the bother to create one on a regular basis. (more…)