Marketing Strategies: Facebook Campaigns

I came across two photos the other day with some ordinary people doing some extraordinary marketing campaigns, and generating phenomenal results via Facebook. A husband who wants a baby and some kids who want a puppy have each gained millions of “likes” on their Facebook pages.


Why? Because they asked for them! If they can do it, you can too. In each of these cases, the posters made a compelling personal appeal in a very “social” way with a clear call to action that has obviously generated response. Could you do the same?

The key: being strategic about how you can connect and compel an audience through posts that strike a nerve. The benefits to your business can be significant. Facebook and other sites give you the tools you need; all you need is a clear understanding of your target audience and what is likely to be important or compelling to them.  Importantly, you need to be able to build a clear case for why your audience should do something. What’s in it for them – WIIFM? Provide a clear benefit aligned with your audience’s interests and you just may be surprised to see where your efforts take you.

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