2 Responses to “The Three C’s to Cementing Your Brand in the Minds of Your Market: Coca-Cola Style”

  1. lpophal says:

    Yes, good point – in fact, I think smaller companies can have an edge here, especially if their markets are well defined and “close to home.” Far easier to form relationships based on real face-to-face connections. A recent good book that really makes this point well is “The Face to Face Book: Why Real Relationships Rule in a Digital World,” by Ed Keller and Brad Fay.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Using corporate social responsibility alongside branding is genius. And Coca-Cola definitely knows how to play it well. But you do not have to be as big as Coca-Cola to be creative with your branding. Even your social responsibility goals need not be as grand as saving the polar bears. Small business marketing can be simple yet effective. And the “social responsibility + branding” formula can be a good start.

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