You’re Using LinkedIn the Wrong Way—Here’s What We Recommend Instead

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I’ve had a LinkedIn profile since 2009. It has become the top source of referrals for my content marketing and marketing consulting services. Not because of the “brilliant” posts I share. Not because I get tons of likes and shares. Not because I write clever copy.

So how have I successfully leveraged LinkedIn to generate leads—and new clients—consistently?

Through search engine optimization, or SEO.

What we’ve learned through our own, and our clients’, experiences is the importance of approaching LinkedIn as you do your website—it’s all about creating SEO-optimized content so that when LinkedIn users conduct a search to find people/companies offering what you have to offer you’re likely to come up in those searches.

Do Likes, Views, and Shares Matter?

Too often we see clients focusing far too heavily on creating content that they hope will go viral—they’re focused on generating likes, views, shares, etc. That’s all well and good but likes, views, and shares really don’t lead to prospects or clients—showing up in searches does, or can.

Content should be created to support your personal or corporate brand and establish you as a credible, reputable potential product or service provider. When you show up in search and someone visits your profile it should clearly convey that you’re an expert in your field, that you know your stuff and that you represent a great potential product or service provider.

What Metrics Should You Monitor?

With this approach, we focus more on metrics related to how often we, or our clients, show up in searches, how many profile visits we have, and how many inquiries and leads are generated.

We want our clients’ profiles to pop up when someone is searching for the goods and services they provide. That requires both SEO and a large audience of first and second degree connections. Combined, those two strategies really represent the “silver bullets” for LinkedIn success.


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