Introduction to FourSquare

In the generation of the iPhone, Apple users are always looking for new, interesting, and most importantly, free apps to explore. Joining the popular Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram is Foursquare, a check-in app and website that makes the most of where you go. FourSquare, like many social media options is “fun,” but it’s also a practical option for businesses hoping to connect with various audiences.

86% of Foursquare users check in at a place at least once a day. Foursquare then gives them personalized recommendations of where to eat, shop, visit, and more.

By checking in to different places, users earn points, badges, and even mayor-ships. Some businesses offer discounts when users check in. It’s like saving money on everyday things by using a free app–and a great way for businesses to create buzz, boost awareness and get prospects to try their wares. In fact, 59% of users search for local businesses daily on FourSquare, making it easy to promote your business to people nearby.

Austin & Williams did research asking people how Foursquare affects their everyday decisions. Take a look: what ideas are prompted by this infographic in terms of how you might promote yourself or your business through FourSquare – or maybe you already have? Let us know — we’d love to hear and share your best practices!


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