6 Steps and 6 Days to an Effective Content Strategy: Day 2

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Jazz Jones is hoping to build business for her leadership development coaching for healthcare professionals. She’s clarified her goals and objectives and is ready for Step 2: identifying her target audience.

Step 2: Identifying the target audience

As with goals and objectives, we want Jones to be as specific as possible about who she is trying to target. While she could arguably say, “Anybody in healthcare could benefit from my services” (and many business people do tend to take this broad-brush approach), we want to get her to narrow her focus on some specific target market segments based on such demographic attributes as geography, size of company (number of employees and/or revenue), or position within organization (e.g., purchasing director, CEO, or CMO).

Jones already knows she will focus on the healthcare industry, but she might want to narrow her focus on hospitals, long-term care organizations, or healthcare clinics, etc. Because she is physically based on the East Coast, Jones decides that the healthcare systems in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, and Rhode Island will represent her primary market area. The rest of the country will represent her secondary market.

Through her research, Jones has also learned that there is a growing trend toward hiring clinicians (e.g., physicians and nurses) to move into leadership roles; these represent her ideal customers. However, through our discussions, we realize that these individuals may not be the decision makers, so we know we must also target those who are (the CEO, other C-suite members, and the human resources department) when it comes to purchasing coaching services.

Taking the time to clarify your target audience, including key decision-makers and influencers, will serve you well when you get further along the planning—and implementation process.

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