6 Steps and 6 Days to an Effective Content Strategy: Day 1

 In our last blog post we met Jazz Jones, a physician and former healthcare administrator who is hoping to raise awareness and generate new coaching business through content marketing. Her first step: gaining clarity around what she hopes to achieve, specifically.

Step 1: What do we hope to achieve (goals and objectives)?

As straightforward as this question may seem, it can often be hard to pin down clients in terms of what, specifically, they are hoping to achieve. In this case, Jones initially tells us, “I’d like to generate more coaching clients.” Yes, we presumed that. But how many new clients? What volume of activity per engagement? Do the new clients desired break down into specific service areas? And, if so, what are the objectives for each of those areas?

Goals are broad. “Gain new clients” would actually be a fine goal statement. Objectives, though, need to be more specific. SMART is an acronym commonly used to help achieve this: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-framed. One of Jones’ SMART objectives might be, “Add five new mastermind coaching clients at a minimum contract rate of $20,000 annually, by the end of fiscal year 2016.”

That’s specific. That’s Step 1.

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(This pieceĀ originally appeared in EContent.)


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