Why You Should Seek Employee Feedback Before Customer Feedback

Hiring marketing or content marketing talent?It’s quite common for companies and their marketers to seek feedback from customers about their products and services. But there’s another group whose feedback should also be considered. In fact, it should be considered before seeking customer feedback.


The Power of Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Employees have the potential to serve in the role of powerful brand ambassadors, but only if they have a favorable impression of the company they work for and its products and services. That’s why getting their input through employee reviews is a critical first step for any savvy marketer.

Employees who feel favorably about your company and its products/services will speak favorably about it to others; those that don’t, won’t. Employee word-of-mouth is even more powerful, and more important than customer word-of-mouth because they are more highly regarded in terms of the amount of “insider knowledge” they have about a company.

Do Your Employees Support Your Brand?

Getting that input is the first step in determining whether your employees are likely to be positive brand ambassadors. If not, it’s important to address whatever concerns they might have to help better position them as positive brand ambassadors. In addition to that, though, companies also need to be explicit in terms of letting employees know the importance of their role as brand ambassadors and arming them with information, messages, and support to help them serve effectively in that role.

Think about it. If your employees don’t feel favorably about your products or services, what do you think they’re telling others? And how much impact do their opinions, as employees of your organization, have with others? A lot.

How do they feel? Isn’t it time you asked them?

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