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One of the many things I enjoy about marketing is attempting to generate the most results with the least among of time, money and effort. I want to get more for less. From an advertising standpoint, that means, for instance, that just because the Super Bowl pulls in a large audience each year, it may not make sense to put your message in front of that audience unless a significant percentage of it might represent potential customers for your products or services.

Social media is a lot like that. Just because social media can deliver an international audience doesn’t mean that it makes sense for you to be out there communicating with an international audience. In fact, for many businesses, the local market, which may be as limited as a specific city, is what’s most important to them.

To address these needs, various social media sites have sprung up, or modified their service offerings, to allow marketers to connect on a local basis. These include Google’s local search, Foursquare and even Twitter, which has recently been experimenting with local tweets.

I think these options provide a huge benefit to many business owners and to others whose target audiences are closer to home than the international audience that the Internet can deliver.

Just like when they are using traditional media, marketers need to think about how they can most effectively connect with key niche markets. For those that serve a local audience–restaurants, salons, healthcare providers, etc.–the ability to narrowcast can provide great benefit.

Regardless of who you’re trying to communicate with, or what type of business you have, your goal should always be to create the best combination of tactics to reach your target audience in the most cost-effective way. If your audience is local, these local social media options seem to make good sense.


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