Top Tips for Getting Media Exposure Through HARO/Profnet

Many of the clients we work with are interested in getting media coverage to help establish themselves as thought leaders and build their reputations in a variety of fields. The good news is that it’s much easier these days to get coverage than it used to be, although the PR landscape has changed considerably since the days of sending out news releases via snail mail, calling reporters, and having limited outlets for exposure.

Reactive Pitching with HARO and ProfNet

Today, in fact, we’ve found that getting media coverage is more effective when responding to queries that reporters and others have posted on sites like HARO and ProfNet. Why? Because the people who post these queries are actively working on stories at that point in time and, if your input is related and relevant you have an opportunity to connect with them while they have a need. Blind pitching in the hopes of potentially interesting a reporter in what you have to offer can be time-consuming and far less effective.
But, getting coverage isn’t as easy as simply reaching out to say “pick me.” Over the years we’ve discovered a number of best practices that have allowed us to get ongoing coverage for ourselves and for clients.
In fact, on the bottom left-hand side of our home page you can find a list of the media exposure we’ve had; about 90% of these placements have come through responses to HARO/ProfNet queries.

Big Benefits of Appropriate Media Coverage

Media coverage can benefit your business in a few key ways. First, the majority of traffic to our website comes through referral traffic generated by the coverage we’ve received through various media outlets. In most cases, when a reporter picks up a comment or quote from you, they’ll refer to you and your business and include a link. Second, receiving third party coverage lends credibility in terms of establishment thought leadership and brand awareness for your business. And you can use that coverage to get additional exposure. For instance, when we receive coverage, we post about it through our social media channels, add it to our website, and include a link to the coverage in our monthly eletter.
As I tell people in presentations I give and classes I teach, PR exposure is powerful because it’s someone else talking about you, rather than you talking about yourself through your website, advertising, social media posts, etc.

How to Get Good Coverage

There are some important best practices to follow, though, that will boost your odds of being selected as a credible source.  These are tactics that we’ve used, and they work!
  • Only respond to reporters from outlets that are aligned with your goals and objectives—outlets that reach your target audience and that would reflect positively on your brand.
  • Only respond to pitches where you can offer real value to the audience—where you have the authority and expertise to weigh in on a topic.
  • Be very detailed in the response that you provide. Focus on providing very actionable, useful advice that addresses the needs, interests, or concerns of the audience.
  • Respond as quickly as possible—it’s a very competitive field; later responses tend to get lost. Most reporters only need a few sources to include in their stories so you really need to get your input in front of them as soon as possible.
We’ve written a number of other blog posts with best practice tips and advice for gaining media exposure. The bottom line: it can be done—and it can be a very cost-effective way to raise awareness.
You may not have time, though, to focus on gaining the kind of exposure you’d like. We do. It’s work that we enjoy. Let us know how we can help!

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