Write to Your Audience and SEO Will Follow

Despite ongoing changes to Google algorithms as well as the ways consumers are seeking information (increasingly via voice and through mobile devices), many organizations continue to fret over SEO to the point that the copy they ultimately publish is bland, peppered with overused catchphrases, and easy to overlook.

A Better Approach? Just Write to Your Audience.

I’ve written content for a number of years, both for traditional and digital outlets. When writing for digital, SEO is definitely a key consideration. In my opinion, though, the first consideration should always be providing content and information that meets the needs of your target audience and uses the language they are most likely to use. Doing this, of course, if you really understand your target audience, will ultimately deliver the SEO magic you’re looking for.
I generally approach a content writing assignment first by considering audience needs and interests and writing content to address those needs and interests. Then, I’ll go back to consider any specific keywords the client may have specifically requested, or keywords that may be relevant based on my own research.

Keep it Personal: You’re Writing for People, Not Machines

As long-tail search and voice search have become more common, focusing too precisely on specific keywords has become less important than thinking carefully about how users are likely to frame their questions, and then using the kinds of words and phrases they’re most likely to use.
The most important factor for SEO is connecting with your audience. When you think about it, this is exactly the same consideration good writers have always used, even before SEO and digital marketing became the norm.
Write to your audience and SEO will follow!

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