Daimler Learns About Viral Customer Service Stories the Hard Way

There’s an old saying in customer service that a customer who has a good experience with your business might tell a single friend while a customer who has a bad experience will tell ten. Unfortunately, those numbers might be drastically out of date in the age of social media. In an era where any individual has the chance to communicate with millions of people around the world, even a single incidence of poor customer service can have significant impacts for businesses of any kind.

It’s a lesson an international automobile company recently found out the hard way. “Germany’s Daimler has suspended a local sales franchise for its Mercedes-Benz brand in China after a customer complaint about service from the dealership went viral on social media,” according to a Reuters article. “Daimler said in a statement on Tuesday that the dealership in Xi’an city in the northwestern province of Shaanxi had reached an agreement with the customer and was investigating its customer service and business operations and had suspended the franchise in the meantime.”

The incident stemmed from a video posted on Chinese social media by a customer which later went viral. In the video, the customer complains that a car she recently purchased was leaking oil and that she was later treated poorly by the dealer. Additionally, she reported having to pay a “financial service fee” of 15,000 yuan ($2,235) to an employee at the dealership at the time she purchased the car. Such fees are not permitted in China.

We’ve seen plenty of instances of poor decision making, or malfeasance, on the part of individual employees causing major headaches for the organization. Starbucks and United Airlines provide other recent examples. What may have flown under the radar 10 or 20 years ago now has the potential to quickly reach millions of potential consumers and severely damage a brand’s image. This makes it all the more important for organizations to communicate and enforce policies around customer service and ethics throughout every level of the organization.

How do your policies and processes reflect the reality of the 21st century and the digital communication environment in which we operate? Are employees on the front lines well versed in what your expectations are of them? Are you sure?

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