Could Holographic Tech Change the Way We Communicate?

by Justin Grensing, Esq., MBA

Communication is key to any business, whether it’s a meeting with potential clients on a sales opportunity or coordinating and staying in touch with staff. Distance is becoming less and less of a hindrance to effective and meaningful communication. New technologies introduced over the last two centuries have greatly enhanced our ability to stay connected; from the telegraph to the telephone to internet and video conferencing we can now see and hear people from anywhere in the world in real time. And a recent strategy by a 2020 presidential hopeful is demonstrating the increasing development of the latest iteration of long-distance communication.

As Paola Chavez writes for CNN, “Democratic presidential hopeful Andrew Yang is taking campaigning to new heights, recently unveiling his plan to use a 3D hologram to campaign remotely in two or three places at once.”

Enter the Hologram

Tech companies are putting resources into hologram technology as well. A few years ago, Microsoft began work on its HoloLens product. Earlier this year, Dieter Bohn reported that the company has made significant progress in the tool through its HoloLens 2 iteration, and Joe Roberts reported that Verizon and Korean Telecom (KT) conducted the world’s first live hologram international call. “5G networks promise to be 10 to 100 times faster than existing networks, which means they are the only networks that can be used to hold hologram calls,” said Roberts. “The recent hologram call was apparently limited to a 3D image on a monitor, rather than being a Star-Wars style projected hologram. But it’s an exciting development that suggests holographic calling isn’t too far away – though, we’ll at least have to wait until 5G networks arrive in full.”

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Still, the technology is not quite ready for widespread mainstream use. There are a number of limitations, and the kind of holographic communication that would simulate sitting next to a colleague, for example, is still fairly far off. Nevertheless, the interest from tech companies and politicians demonstrates the importance of meaningful communication in our lives and the drive to get as close to real-time, face-to-face as we can, no matter where in the world we happen to be.

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