The 3 Most Powerful Words to Boost Your Career

Humility is a powerful thing, but it’s rarely seen in action. This may be because, in order to rise to the top, leaders need to have a strong ego and self-confidence. They must be willing to take risks and move forward, even in the face of significant adversity. Too often, though, leaders may be unwilling to admit when they’re wrong. After all, admitting that they’re fallible may seem, on the surface, as an admission of weakness.

However, the opposite is true. Looking back at my career and at the various leaders I’ve had both the pleasure and the pain of working with, I have been most impressed and impacted by the ones who were decisive but also willing to say these three powerful words: “I was wrong.” Because, face it — we know when are leaders are wrong, don’t we? We know — they know. The ones who are willing to step up and say those three words earn the respect of those around them through their humility.

I say this as someone who, like many leaders, doesn’t like to be wrong. Who does? It’s not easy to admit an error, whether tangible or an error of judgment. But the benefit that comes from doing that, however difficult it may be, can be significant. Letting those around you know that you are human and fallible just like them (because you are!) helps build a climate of trust and engagement, something that all leaders are seeking these days.

When was the last time you were wrong? Did you say so?

If you can successfully engage your employees, you’re well on your way to successfully engaging your customers. A dose of humility can go a long way.

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