Don’t Assume Your Customers Know What You, or “Everybody,” Knows!

“You don’t pay unless we win!”

That’s the compelling marketing claim made by a large and very successful law firm. If you’re a consumer thinking about suing someone—an individual or a company—for a loss or injury you’ve received, such a no-risk offer would be compelling indeed.

But here’s the thing. It’s the same offer that virtually every plaintiff’s attorney provides. It’s not unique to the firm using this offer in their marketing communications. It’s just how it works. It’s called a contingency fee and it’s contingent on them winning the case in your favor. Then get a share of the award. If they don’t win, they don’t get anything. That’s why they will be very selective in taking on a case. They want to be pretty sure they’ll win so they get paid.

The firm making this great offer knows that other attorneys offer the same thing, but they’re counting of the fact that most consumers—who have little to no experience with plaintiff’s attorneys until they need representation—probably don’t know it.

So they stand out and are likely to get the call when a need emerges.

It’s a “unique selling proposition” that isn’t really unique. Brilliant!

There’s a lesson here for advertisers in businesses of all kinds.

Don’t Assume Your Target Audience Knows What You Know

You know your business and industry and how it operates. Chances are most of your target audience doesn’t. What compelling claims are you missing out on leveraging because you’re assuming “everyone” knows?

Think about how your customers experience your products or services for the first time? What are they likely to already know? What do they likely not know?

Don’t know the answers to those questions? Here’s a hint: Ask your customers. Then use those insights to inform your target audience of the big benefits of working with you.

Put the surprising benefits you have to offer front and center in your marketing communications. Don’t hold back because you think everybody knows. Chances are they don’t.

But if you’re the first to tell them, you’re likely to be the first they contact when they need what you have to offer.


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