Communication Channels Don’t Work in Isolation: Be Strategic!

A lot of questions I see related to digital marketing tend to compartmentalize, or silo, various types of communications. For instance, questions about social media or even about specific social media channels. Or questions about blogging. Or questions about website performance.

That is, of course, all okay as long as the person asking the question recognizes that, from the point of view of a company or individual hoping to generate results through marketing (traditional or digital), none of these channels should be considered in isolation. Instead, they should all work together, in an integrated way, to achieve the best results with the least effort (in my opinion).

Recently we were asked this question: “Have you seen an effect of social media on your SERP (search engine results pages) rankings?” The answer: of course. If we hadn’t, we wouldn’t be using social media! We’ve seen results for both our own social media activities and the work that we do for clients.

Optimization to Drive Web Traffic

There is, or should be, a direct tie between the keywords you hope to optimize for and your social media (and all other communications). Ideally, you should identify 3-4 content pillars—categories that most of your marketing communications will fall into across all channels (online and off). For each of these pillars, you would then identify keywords and phrases based on SEO (search engine optimization) analysis of your keywords, your target audience, and your competitors. Finally, you would use these keywords in your communications, including your social media posts.

Social Media and Website Traffic

Social media can play a big role in driving traffic to your website—very qualified traffic, in fact. You can readily track how much traffic is coming to your website through various social media channels. We tend to find that PR/media placements generate most of our traffic (through backlinks), but social media is a close second when used strategically and when aligned with communication pillars/keywords.

Key Takeaway

When thinking about your marketing communication efforts—online and off—it’s important to realize the added value and traction you can get by ensuring all of these efforts are aligned and working together. How they work together will depend on what your end goal is. For many of our clients, it’s to get people to go to their websites. In other cases, though, it may be to get people to come to your physical store or other location. Whatever that goal is, everything you do in terms of communicating with various audiences should drive toward that final destination.

About Us

Strategic Communications, LLC, works with B2B clients to help them achieve their goals through effective content marketing and management with both internal and external audiences. We work with clients to plan, create and publish high-quality, unique content. Whether on- or offline, or both, we’ll help you achieve desired results.

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