Another Year Draws to an End

It’s hard to believe that another year is drawing to an end. I can still vividly remember the countdown to Y2K and the anxiety so many were feeling as they wondered what a new century would mean in terms of digital disruption. The year 2000 came in with more of a whisper than a bang but, since that time, much has changed in terms of the ways technology continues to impact our personal and professional lives.

So Much Has Changed

I was reflecting with a friend recently on how much my professional life has changed since the early days of my career when I created content on a typewriter. Make a mistake, or decide to add some material and you’d have to start all over again. There was no cut and paste and, although auto-correct had made its appearance, the copy creation process was extremely tedious. I’ve often wondered whether these changes have made writers more or less innovative and eager to change or edit their copy than in the old days.
But I digress! As we wind down on another year and I look back on our client list, I’m amazed at how many new contacts we’ve made (primarily through LinkedIn which continues to be my favorite B2B social media tool). I’m also sad to have had to say goodbye to some clients this year as their lives and businesses has evolved…or failed to.

Our Highlights From 2019

This year I was happy to land some new speaking opportunities and to step back into teaching some new courses at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC). Interacting with the students, faculty and staff really keeps me up-to-date and connected. I didn’t realize how much I miss those interactions until I took a semester or more off.
We’ve also seen a shift in the percentage of time we spend working on social media channels compared to creating content. Social media managers were very challenged this year to respond to some massive changes from sites like Facebook and Twitter that are making it increasingly difficult to build and connect with audiences without using advertising budgets to do so.
But the realm of content creation and content marketing continues to drive much of our work. This year we’ve created content on everything from our greatest areas of expertise (HR, health care, marketing and technology) to some major niche (and somewhat challenging) new areas of focus (pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail and speech technology).
This month we’ll be focused on creating our goals and strategic plan for 2020. It’s a time of year I really enjoy. I’ve always enjoyed creating resolutions and taking on new challenges.
Can’t wait to see what the new year holds in store for Strategic Communications.

About Us

Strategic Communications, LLC, works with B2B clients to help them achieve their goals through effective content marketing and management with both internal and external audiences. We work with clients to plan, create and publish high-quality, unique content. Whether on- or offline, or both, we’ll help you achieve desired results.

(Strategic Communications is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise through the Wisconsin Department of Administration.)

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