The Role of User-Generated Content in Building Brand Trust

In the digital marketing landscape, authenticity and connections with consumers are paramount. A great way to connect with and engage your audience, while leveraging the power of word-of-mouth is through user-Generated Content (UGC). UGC can play a significant role in building brand trust and engagement.

But what do we mean when we say “user-generated” content, and how can you incorporate that kind of content into your marketing efforts in a way that’s brand supportive?

What is User-Generated Content?

Just as the term suggests, user-Generated Content (UGC) is content that has been created by users of your brand. That content could range from text, to images, videos, reviews, and more.   

UGC is seen as more authentic and trustworthy compared to branded content because it is created by real customers who have firsthand experience with the brand or product.

The Impact of UGC on Brand Perception and Authenticity

UGC plays a vital role in building brand perception and authenticity. It provides an authentic and trustworthy perspective on a brand or product, resonating with potential customers and positively influencing their perception.

When your audience sees people just like them using a product, it feels more relatable and helps influence them to purchase.

UGC and Consumer Trust

One of the most powerful benefits of user-generated content is trust. People find it easy to relate to others and trust their opinions, making UGC a path to generating consumer trust. 

According to Edelman, 70% of individuals deliberately avoid advertising, making earned media, or content created by a third party and not paid for by the brand, increasingly influential in brand perception.

UGC and Brand Loyalty

UGC also fosters brand loyalty. By harnessing content from its own consumers, a company creates a deeper bond with them. That bond drives deeper brand loyalty while your audience becomes powerful brand ambassadors in support of what you have to offer. Their positive word-of-mouth can help you build a larger audience, and more sales.

Successful UGC Campaigns

Several brands have successfully leveraged UGC in their marketing strategies. For instance, Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign first emerged in Australia in 2011, when the company printed the most common and popular names on bottles and asked people to share their experiences. 

Another example is Spotify’s #FindYourFeels campaign, which encouraged users to share how music influences their lives, creating a deeply personal and relatable content stream that resonated with Spotify’s diverse user base.

Best Practices for Leveraging UGC

To effectively leverage UGC, brands should engage with the audience, curate and moderate content, provide incentives, and leverage various platforms. It is essential to seek permissions and give credit when featuring UGC. Brands can also encourage UGC by creating a repository for customers’ positive stories and offering diverse options for customers to share their experiences.


As you can see, UGC can have a profound impact on brand perception and customer trust. By incorporating UGC into your marketing strategies, you can enhance authenticity, foster consumer trust, and build brand loyalty. How could you leverage UGC to boost engagement with your audiences in 2024? Not sure? We can help.


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