Sometimes SEO, as We Typically Think of it, Just Doesn’t Matter!

I’ve written about search engine optimization (SEO) in the past and have gathered input from a wide range of content and digital marketing experts about the topic. As someone who was writing advertising copy long before SEO was “a thing,” I have kind of a love/hate relationship with the concept. Or maybe I should say a love/grudging respect for the concept.

Sure, SEO Can Be Important…

I get it. I use it. I follow the requirements of whatever client I might be working with, but sometimes I wonder if all of the hoops writers sometimes have to jump through are worth it. Sometimes—perhaps often—I also wonder if jumping through those hoops results in copy that is better or worse than it might otherwise have been. I tend to think worse…

Recently, I was presented with an example that seemed to support what I often feel instinctively. If I understand both my audience and my topic well and I write copy designed to provide my audience with information they need and value, they’ll find my content, read it, click on the links I’ve included, and, ultimately, meet the goals of my client.

It came from a client who was moving on to another role in the company and introducing me to her replacement. In her farewell message to me, she said: “You have been vital in boosting our XYZ publication. In fact, it’s one of the most opened/clicked emails on our roster.”

But it Doesn’t Always Really Matter…

Gratifying for sure. But also very interesting from an SEO perspective because this particular client doesn’t give me search terms that I have to incorporate into the content a certain number of times. In fact, they also don’t even tell me what to write about. I get to pick based on monitoring industry news, my social media networks and other sources to identify topics that I think will be of interest to my audience.

This isn’t the only client that doesn’t supply me with keywords. I have other very large clients with very well-trafficked websites that also don’t seem to be slaves to SEO.

I also have clients who generate long lists of search terms and phrases that need to be incorporated into their content. Are they more successful? I don’t always know; I suspect some may be, some may not be.

If You REALLY Know Your Audience!

In my opinion, if you know—and I mean really know—your audience and you write about things they’re interested in and provide them with information they need to live better lives, do better in their careers, make more money, be happier, healthier, etc., your content will achieve your goals.

I’ve said it before, and I really believe this to be true—just write to your audience and SEO will follow.

Try it!

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