Engaging Your Audience Through Social Media

Social media is critical for most (but still not all) businesses these days. It is a key communication channel that allows businesses and individuals to connect with a wide audience very cost-effectively.

As a business owner I maintain both LinkedIn and Twitter accounts for myself and have used them to successfully connect with prospects, clients, the media and other audiences. I’ve gained more than one client simply through my LinkedIn profile.

As a marketing communication consultant I work with clients to develop and manage their online communications presence through content marketing and management. These activities generally involve a strategy around driving traffic from various social media activities (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc.) to their web sites to generate some specific action, ultimately leading to a sale or new client interaction.

In my work I’ve found the keys to success to involve primarily two things:

  • Providing useful, relevant content for a specific market; it may be necessary to have multiple profiles online so you can send targeted messages. Trying to “be all things to all people” doesn’t typically generate good results.
  • Staying engaged. This is where I see many struggle. They participate in social media in fits and starts. What is required for success, though, is a constant, steady drumbeat of information and activity over time. It can take some time to get traction, but once you do the flywheel effect kicks in and engagement grows exponentially.

There are obviously a lot of nuanced details that come into play as well. But these are the two “big buckets” that I have found lead to success.

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