5 Branding Missteps You Should Avoid


Branding is an area we explore regularly with clients – conducting brand audits, developing brand positioning, etc. Some of the most common errors we see are:

  1. Not understanding that the brand is bigger than the “logo” or “look” of the company. The brand encompasses every touchpoint that a customer, or potential customer, has with the organization including the product itself, the price of the product, the accessibility of the product, the purchase experience, and of course promotion. All of these elements must be carefully coordinated to manage the desired brand.
  2. Not understanding that the business doesn’t determine what the brand is – consumers do. The business can only determine what they would LIKE the brand to be and then take steps to ensure that this desired image is supported through all of their business activities.
  3. Not effectively managing all elements of the marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion) to achieve the desired brand image – you can’t seek to hold a “high end” place in consumers’ minds if you practice do-it-yourself marketing, have your nephew create your website, etc. (unless, of course, you and/or your nephew are exceptional web developers).
  4. Not matching the brand to reality. Marketers and branding experts talk about “living the brand promise.” Your brand is a reflection of reality – you can’t “fake it.”
  5. Not engaging their employees in brand management. Employees can be powerful brand ambassadors if they’re armed with the right messages and understand how powerful what they say about the company is. Don’t overlook this key group!

These are probably the top things that we see. We write and speak regularly on brand and branding-related issues. You’ll find a number of related blog posts here.


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