Why You Should Be on Google+

Google+ is one of those relatively new social media tools that puzzles many, myself included. I’ve checked it out, dabbled with both a personal profile and a business page, deleted both, and started all over again. I have a few people in my circles and some people have me in theirs (many who are absolute strangers to me).

Recently, though, I had one of those “a ha!” moments about Google+ and why, for just about anybody hoping to be “discovered” online, it’s a must-use tool.

Here’s the thing:

Google+ is a Google product. Google is a big player in organic search. Google is using Google+ as a primary driver of the search results it delivers to those using its search engine.

What does this mean? It means that if you’re on Google+ and you have a critical mass of followers who are sharing your content with others, you (or your business) will show up higher in search results. For online marketers that’s what it’s all about!

Google+, unlike the other popular and prevalent social media tools, isn’t really about interacting with others who are on Google+. It’s about being on Google+ so the literally billions of people using the Google search engine have a chance of finding you.

The bottom line: if you’ve not there already, it’s time to start getting serious about Google+. 

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