Understanding, Managing and Communicating Consistently Across Customer Touchpoints

Customer reviews, client reviews, best PR firm, public relations, content marketingIn an article for Harvard Business Review, Adam Richardson discusses the concept of customer touchpoints, which he broadly defines as “any interaction point between the customer and your brand.” If we think about this definition, it truly is quite broad, not least because it invokes the concept of the brand, which is itself extremely broad.

Does an online ad reflect on your brand? What about a discussion with a billing agent over a discrepancy on an invoice? While the answer to the first question is probably obvious, the second might seem like a stretch at first. But in truth, both are examples of touchpoints. And touchpoints have a direct impact on consumer brand perceptions.

In his article, Richardson defines four categories of touchpoints:


Richardson describes products broadly. Products don’t just represent widgets or smartphones or shoes. The term “products” also encompasses services and can include elements like software and websites that are central to the company offering.


Interactions are two-way exchanges between the company and the customer. This could be that conversation with a billing representative discussed above, an in-person meeting with a salesperson or discussions on a company social media site or blog.


Unlike interactions, messages are one-way communications. These could include what we would traditionally think of as marketing, such as online or TV ads. They could also include more functional communications like user manuals and packaging.


A setting is anywhere a product is seen or used. This is about much more than just a company store or website. It could be a friend’s house, an office or even on the person of an influencer seen wearing a watch, suit or shoes.

The concept of touchpoints is broad, and not unnecessarily so. It’s important for businesses to be conscious of all of the ways their business impacts and is perceived by customers. Failing to recognize a touchpoint could mean missing an opportunity to positively impact a customer or worse, overlooking negative impacts.


Each of these touchpoints represent opportunities for consumer communication to take place which brings up another topic which we find fascination—customer communications management. How are you doing with that?


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