Some Productivity Apps to Check Out!

Lately I’ve been receiving multiple submissions from random bloggers requesting that I share them on my site. It’s something that I’ve considered doing and have had a “to do” item for some time to come up with some criteria for reviewing and potentially publishing contributed content, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. Today, though, I received an item that I thought was useful enough, and non-promotional enough, that I felt it was worth sharing.

This infographic of “Effective Business Communication Apps” is from the Sheraton Athlone Hotel, in Ireland (which, I must admit, is another reason I decided to share; I have a soft spot for Ireland). There are some interesting apps here. Some I’ve used (like Hootsuite), others I’m planning to download (like Camscanner).

Which apps have you used, or will you use? What apps would you add to the list?

Content marketing apps to improve your productivity, generate leads

Effective business apps for content marketers, small business professionals, marketers and others.

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