Predictions for 2010

Okay – going out on a limb here, I know – but just couldn’t resist the “power of publication” with my own blog and all. Never before have I had such a great opportunity to share my personal thoughts with the masses at virtually no cost. Who knows, of course, how many people will actually see this. But – for the sake of posterity – here are my predictions for 2010. Personally, I can’t wait for the end of the year to see how well I did!


  • Twitter will fizzle. Was checking in again tonight as I do from time to time as part of my goal to try to learn what social media might hold in terms of “real value.” Have been researching and experimenting with Twitter but, you know what? – I just don’t get it – everything it does I think other tools/apps could do just as well. And probably will. So… my prediction… Twitter-mania will be dead by EOY 2010.
  • We’ll still be engaged in healthy debate over health care reform. Sorry to be a downer, but by year end 2010 we’ll be talking about the same old/same old. Nothing will change. 
  • The economy will see a slow, but steady, revival, fueled primarily by innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  • Talk about the end of the world in 2012 will be ramping up. Who can resist a great apocalyptic story?
  • Before year-end the major media outlets will already be printing the “best of” and “who died in” 2010 lists. Kind of like the Christmas-creep that has been going on for years where we see holiday decorations in retail outlets before Halloween. We’ll be talking about who died and the major events in 2010 by Thanksgiving. (I say this because I’ve been noticing such things for the past week and wondering if the lists would be updated if any other notable occurrences occur!)
  • The Packers will win the Super Bowl – the Vikings won’t (couldn’t resist – born and raised in good-old Wisconsin).
  • Brett Favre will retire – for real. Yeah, right…

We will all be another year older – and wiser, hopefully…

Happy New Year to all – may 2010 bring health, wealth and happiness.

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