Getting Local With Your Social With a Customer-First Approach

social media marketing, how to use linkedin, twitter, facebook and other channels to achieve marketing resultsSocial media can be a great way for businesses of all types and sizes to connect with their audiences and stay connected with them! In fact, for small businesses in particular, a social media strategy focused specifically on customers (rather than prospects, or the masses) offers the greatest potential to not only keep but to grow business.

We recently did a series of presentations and one-on-one sessions with “main street businesses,” and through my research and interactions with them one of the things I predict is that, like search, social media will become increasingly more local to help marketers better engage with their audiences.

Your customers are already connected with you. Some just once. Some more often. Chances are, though, like many businesses, you’re spending less time thinking about how to keep those customers engaged than you are chasing after new customers.

That’s how you lose customers!

Focus on Existing Customers First

Our recommendation to help businesses do this is to focus on existing customers as your core audience when communicating through social media, and be very practical in the information you’re sharing with them.

  • What do they want to know about?
  • What questions do they have? — e.g., are you open? how can I place an order? for physical businesses, where are you located?
  • What new products do you have?
  • How can you make the best use of your products, etc.?

Focusing on existing customers is an efficient use of your time and marketing budget. And, if you do this effectively, new customers will follow.

…And New Customers Will Follow

If you focus on current customers and sufficiently engage or “wow” them, they will then share your content with a broader audience— basically social media word-of-mouth—just like what has occurred in traditional marketing channels.

Think of your existing customers as potential brand ambassadors to lend their voices to your marketing outreach efforts. If they’re satisfied with what you have to offer, they’ll become advocates on your behalf. You’ve likely already observed this in the social media channels and groups you follow and belong to.

Facebook, for instance, is full of customer reviews and testimonials—often unsolicited. The power of these communications surpasses the power of anything you could say about yourself.

Taking a customer-first approach can pay big dividends. Isn’t it time you put your existing customers at the forefront of your marketing communication efforts?


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