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A great, inexpensive way to promote your business and gain exposure is to take your ideas online and put them into video format. Many consultants advertise their expertise by drafting white papers or putting useful information on a website. Moving to a video format is simply a natural progression of this marketing technique.

While putting yourself in front of the camera and creating a permanent, internationally available video might be terrifying for some people, YouTube offers significant benefits, such as ease of access and use for your audience; a more intimate, human experience; and an enormous reach. Here are some tips on how to create and use YouTube effectively as a marketing tool for your business:

Research What’s Already Been Done

While using YouTube is a modern marketing technique, it is far from new. Spend a few hours looking up videos by other professionals and consultants. Take note of what seems to be effective to you and pay attention to research information YouTube provides you: how many people have viewed the video? What kinds of comments are they leaving? How many people “like” or “dislike” the video?

Fill your Description with Relevant Keywords

Brainstorm the types of questions you think most of your customers would have. Think of the keywords that are most likely to be used when discussing that topic, and fill your description with those keywords to increase the likelihood that your video will appear in a search.

Direct Viewers to your Company’s Website

At the beginning, end and/or throughout your video, tell viewers that they can find more information on this topic by visiting your website or contacting your company. Tell them the name of your site in the video and include a link in the description.

Direct Visitors to your Website to your YouTube Video

This is a two-way street. Include links to your YouTube videos on your company website to not only add content but also to increase the number of views to your video.

Another big benefit of online video is that it can boost your search engine rankings. With today’s inexpensive and easy-to-use technology virtually anyone can take advantage of the opportunity to expand their reach through visual images.

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