Our Top 5 Content Marketing Predictions for 2019

It’s hard to believe another year is winding down. It’s the old “toilet paper roll theory” (a not-so-scientific way of explaining relativity). Time may pass more quickly (at least perceptually) for me, than for the university students I teach, for instance. For them a year represents about 1/20th of their lifetime. For me, well, you get the point!
At any rate, as another year is almost behind us, it’s time for two annual traditions: making predictions for what the new year may hold and making resolutions.
Here’s a look at our top predictions for 2019.

Content marketing will continue to be a major focus for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) marketers. That’s likely to continue to keep us very busy in 2019 as we continue to work with existing clients and take on new ones. It seems that demand is ever-growing. That’s a good thing, but, a closely-related prediction is…
Scrutiny will increase as content managers are increasingly held accountable to produce results. Businesses of all sizes whether for-profit, or not-for-profit, are concerned about using their resources (time and money) effectively. Many organizations spend significant resources to create high-quality content and feed the content pipeline, but are those efforts worth it? It depends. We predict that scrutiny will increase in 2019. And it should! While it may seem contrary to our own business goals, we believe some of the clients we work with produce TOO MUCH content and don’t get enough value out of the content they already have on hand.
Traditional direct marketing will continue to see an uptick. We actually predicted this one back in 2011 when we published our book Direct Mail in the Digital Age. It’s a trend that continues to pick up steam as email folders become more cluttered and spam filters more prevalent.
More small businesses/solo practitioners will begin to explore content marketing. Currently, the vast majority of our clients are large corporations that discovered the value of content marketing long ago. Smaller businesses aren’t quite yet there, yet; many are still unaware of how to use content strategically (although even very small businesses do actually have content that they use for marketing efforts).

More tech tools will emerge to help content marketers manage their work and analyze results. While some may fear artificial intelligence (AI) we tend to have the perspective that it will emerge as more of an aid than a competitor for the kind of work we do. Last year we took a look at how AI is impacting content marketing in a piece for EContent.

That’s our Top 5 list. What would you add?


About Us

Strategic Communications, LLC, works with B2B clients to help them achieve their goals through effective content marketing and management with both internal and external audiences. We are adept at evaluating and analyzing communication efforts and working with clients to plan, create and publish high-quality, unique content, through both on- and offline media to achieve desired results. Our background in business journalism, marketing, PR/media relations and online communications makes us well-positioned to serve the needs of 21st-century marketers.

We serve clients who are looking for help creating content for a wide array of channels—from social media posts to full-length manuscripts, and everything in between. We focus primarily on service-related B2B topics and work with a number of independent consultants interested in building their thought leadership through online channels. For ongoing content management, our first step is to fully understand your goals, objectives and competitive landscape.

Then we’ll conduct a thorough analysis and assessment of your digital presence, compared to competitors, and recommend a communication strategy to achieve your goals. But, we also regularly take on individual projects – white papers, blog posts, contributed articles, etc. If you’re interested in learning more, let us know!

(Strategic Communications is certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise through the Wisconsin Department of Administration.)

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