Five Tips for Finding Credible Sources to Interview for Professional Articles


Here we offer five effective tips to help you find credible sources for your B2B articles.


1. Establish Your Criteria

Before you begin searching for sources, define the criteria that align with the topic of your article. Consider the expertise and authority required to provide valuable insights on the subject matter. For example, if you’re writing an article about the latest trends in artificial intelligence (AI) for B2B marketing, you might want to interview AI experts, marketing professionals with experience in AI-driven campaigns, or researchers specializing in AI applications. Having specific criteria will help you focus your search and ensure the credibility of your sources.

2. Tap into Professional Networks

Leverage your professional networks to find reliable sources for your interviews. Connect with industry associations, attend conferences, or join relevant online communities. Engaging with individuals who are well-versed in the field you’re writing about can provide valuable leads on credible sources. Social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, can be excellent resources to identify industry thought leaders, subject matter experts, and influencers who can offer unique perspectives and insights.

3. Utilize Online Directories and Research Tools

Online directories and research tools can be invaluable when searching for credible sources. Websites like LinkedIn, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, and industry-specific directories can help you identify professionals and academics who have published work related to your topic. When using these tools, pay attention to the credibility indicators such as academic credentials, affiliations, research history, and peer-reviewed publications. These indicators can help you determine the reliability and expertise of potential sources.

4. Explore Thought Leadership Platforms

Thought leadership platforms have gained prominence in recent years, providing a wealth of insights from industry experts. Platforms such as Medium, Forbes, and Harvard Business Review often feature articles written by experienced professionals, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. These platforms allow you to find experts in your niche and reach out to them directly for interviews or to request contributions to your article. By tapping into the knowledge shared on these platforms, you can access credible sources with unique perspectives and well-developed insights.

5. Verify Credentials and Expertise

Once you have shortlisted potential sources, it is crucial to verify their credentials and expertise. Take the time to review their background, professional experience, qualifications, and previous contributions to ensure they align with your article’s needs. Look for indications of authority, such as academic degrees, work experience, professional affiliations, and recognition within the industry. This due diligence will help you select sources that are not only credible but also have the necessary expertise to contribute valuable insights to your article.


When writing professional articles for a B2B audience, credibility is your top concern. By following these five tips, you can effectively find credible sources to interview, ensuring the authenticity and value of your content. Establishing clear criteria, tapping into professional networks, utilizing online directories and research tools, exploring thought leadership platforms, and verifying credentials and expertise are essential steps in the process.

Remember, credible sources not only strengthen your content but also help establish you as a trustworthy and knowledgeable writer in the B2B landscape.



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