Are You Being Too Engaged With Your New Customers?

Customer reviews, client reviews, best PR firm, public relations, content marketingI’ve been a rabid marketing practitioner for decades. I understand and believe in the power of marketing for companies of all types and sizes, across all industries.

And, I’ll admit, there have even been times when I’ve been too eager to turn to marketing when a go-slow approach might have served me better.

But, I’ve definitely come to realize that there are times to move ahead with a marketing initiative—and times to hold off.

I was reminded of this recently when I ordered some new reading glasses from a new (to me) company. I ordered the glasses and, after more than a week of placing the order, had not received them. What I have received, though, are a myriad of email messages from the company promoting their glasses, making special offers, and exhorting me to order more.

Too much, too soon

That may happen at some future point in time. It’s not going to happen, though, until I’ve received the first order I placed. And, IMO, the company and its marketing staff should realize this. Not only are they wasting their time with these incessant emails, but they’re starting to tick me off. Me and the other customers who I’m sure are experiencing the same thing.

I counted. Since my order was originally placed, and before receiving it, I received 15 emails from the company, not counting the confirmation email (which is a must do). That was more than one email a day!

But I haven’t received my order. That’s a problem.

Are your teams, and systems, talking to each other?

One potential explanation for this is that the company has processes set up (automated processes) that are initiated based on certain events—like the placement of an order. And, perhaps, that trigger is not tied to another important trigger—the actual shipment and receipt of the order.

But that’s not my problem. That’s theirs.

Technology is great. Automation is great. But so is common sense and human intervention.

Do you know what happens after a new customer places an order with you? Maybe it’s time to find out.


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