You’ve got it. I want it. But you won’t let me buy it?

Customer reviews, client reviews, best PR firm, public relations, content marketingA while ago my husband went to the movie theatre to buy some tickets that we were going to give to some people who had helped us out with a project. He wanted 8 tickets. The theatre said “No, sorry – we only sell tickets in blocks of 25.” “You mean you won’t sell me 8 tickets?,” my husband asked, incredulous.

“No, sorry,” said the clerk. “It’s the policy.”

Hmmm. Weird policy.

But, probably not that uncommon.

Don’t Offer Something for Sale That You Won’t Sell

How many times have you attempted to buy something from a store, a restaurant, on a website, etc., only to be stymied by some rule, policy, or miscommunication? You don’t have those sorts of barriers in place at your business, do you? Are you sure?

In an economy where everybody, it seems, wants to sell more, it is hard to believe that there are practices in place designed to do exactly the opposite. But apparently, there are. Many were probably put in place for some, seemingly, good reason–at least a reason that seemed good at the time.

Check Your Policies and Practices

To me, it’s hard to fathom how any policy that works as an anti-sales mechanism, could be a good policy. My recommendation–take a look at your own business practices to see if you might somehow inadvertently (or purposefully!) be saying “no” to customers who want to buy your products or services.

(Oh, by the way, in the case of this particular theatre, we just went across town to another theatre that had no problem selling us some tickets. There is always someone else out there willing to sell to your customers. Don’t give them that opportunity.)


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