What Advertising Images Go Best With Your Product?

Does a talking fish make you thirsty for iced tea with citrus? Lipton’s marketers must think it does – their TV ad shows a weary woman shopping at the market. It’s part of their “Drink on the Bright Side” campaign. She pulls a Lipton gree tea with citrus from her bag and, as she takes

a drink, a live fish pops out and strikes up a conversation. Soon all of the seafood in the store gets in the act. Yum. Makes me want to rush out and buy some. Not.

It’s a memorable spot, I suppose. And, it seems to fit in with a series of spots Lipton is doing with the fish – one with the same woman on a park bench, with the same shopping bag and apparently the same groceries. The fish scolds a seagull which perches on the back of the bench.

TrendHunter.com suggests that “the point of this ad is to associate the pseudo-musical ad campaign with happiness and then associate that happiness with Lipton.”

I don’t know. Somehow the juxtaposition of a beverage with a talking, very life-like fish doesn’t appeal to me. I’m not really left feeling happy after I watch these ads – more slimy, than happy, I think. And not in the mood for an iced tea.

But, I may be in the minority. Adweek.com says: “Like monkeys and midgets, there’s something irresistible about singing fish in advertising.”

Maybe I’m just not in their demographic…

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