The First Tweets of Top Social Media Influencers

I learned recently that there’s a quick and easy way to find the first tweet of anyone who has been engaged with Twitter. You just go to this link and enter in the @username of someone and you’ll see there first post — aka tweet.

My first tweet for @StratCommun was on October 1, 2009 – wow! That surprised me. I know I’ve been engaged for some time, but didn’t realize exactly how long. Time flies, as they say (pun intended).

This made me curious to see what some very successful social media gurus tweeted on in their early days and how long they’ve been tweeting.  So, I took a look at the Forbes list of top social media influencers. Here’s what I found for the Top 10:


#1 Sean Gardner 

651K followers now

Sean Gardner twitter first

#2 Ann Tran

386K followers now

Ann Tran

#3  Jessica Northey

585K followers now

Jessica Northey twitter first

#4 Mari Smith

282K followers now

Mari Smith

#5 Aaron Lee

473K followers now

Aaron Lee

#6 John Paul Aguiar 

137K followers now

John Aguiar

#7 Liz Strauss

124K followers now


Liz Strauss

#8 Warren Whitlock

185K followers now

Warren Whitlock

#9 Ted Coine

345K followers now

Ted Coine

#10 Pam Moore

201K followers now

Pam Moore


Of these “Top Ten” it looks like Liz Strauss was first out of the gate in March 2007, followed fairly closely by Mari Smith in September 2007. A couple of these first posts responded literally to Twitter’s original question of: “What are you doing?” Liz Strauss responded “laughing at your messages” and John Paul Aguiar told us in his first tweet that he was “having Eggos with nephew.” Most of these were – and still are – to a large degree very self-centered with one notable exception. Ted Coine’s first tweet was in response to someone else – @Kboschetto who, based on the associated Twitter profile, appears to be an animal rights advocate in Colorado who now has 202 followers.


Oh, and how am I doing after almost five years on Twitter? I’m at about 1300 followers now. I’m sure I’ll catch up to these gurus eventually! It’s just a matter of time…


by Linda Pophal

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