Content Hacks for Companies on a Tight Budget

Content, as part of a successful marketing endeavor, is a big deal these days and I suspect (and hope) it will continue to be. Content–from social media posts, to blog posts, website content, case studies, white papers, ebooks, etc., etc., is used by marketers of all kinds to attract audience, raise awareness and, ultimately drive some desired end action.

Quality Content Remains in Demand

Due to many changes in its algorithms that Google has introduced over time, and continues to introduce to ensure that it can deliver high quality content to its users, marketers need to be continually creating content that is new, relevant to user needs and (in Google’s mind) worth elevating to higher levels of search results.
That can take a lot of time, and talent, that not all business owners, business leaders, or even marketing pros have. For small companies, and especially solopreneurs, this can be a daunting challenge. Fortunately, there are some “content hacks” that can help them at least get a foot in the door and have a solid standing to attract and retain an audience.

Multi- and Repurpose Your Content

My biggest hack and something I recommend frequently for businesses of all sizes, actually, is to leverage any and all of the content you create as you operate your business and multi-purpose as much as possible.
For instance:
  • Responses you make to customer inquiries or questions about your products and services. If one person is asking about something, chances are others have the same interest. Turn your response into a social media post, FAQ, or use it as the starting point for a blog post.
  • Testimonials/feedback you receive from customers–have a process in place to request permission to share testimonials through your social media channels, website, etc. They’re more impactful if they include a real person/company name than if they are just anonymous (although if you can’t/don’t want to get permission you could just include some generic identifier).
  • If you respond to HARO, Profnet, or Qwoted queries use the content you submit as the basis for social media or blog posts. (The basis of this post, in fact, was from a response I made to a reporter via Qwoted.)

Virtually anything that you or someone in your organization is writing should be considered as a starting point for creating or repurposing.

Consider the Use of AI

Believe it or not some organizations, and individuals, are using artificial intelligence (AI) apps to help them create content. We’ve followed and written about the potential of these tools, although we haven’t found that it meets our, or our clients’ needs–yet.

Still it’s something to check out and experiment with as another potential option depending on your own content needs.

Seek External Content

Beyond repurposing or creating your own content, another good way to create content economically on a tight budget would be to check with local schools and universities’ communication/journalism departments for interns, contractors, or staffers to help with content creation.

One caveat: don’t try to cut corners too much. Whatever content you use is a reflection on you and your brand. So while you don’t necessarily have to pay top rates to hire experienced professionals, you do want to make sure your content is accurate, grammatically correct, relevant and free from plagiarism or infringement on others’ content.

And, of course, we’re always interesting in talking to potential clients about their content needs and how we might help keep fresh, relevant, and high-quality content flowing to their various digital, and traditional, marketing channels. Once you’ve explored other options, let us know how we can help!

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