The Value of PR – What Outlet is Right For You?

What is an article about your company in the Wall St. Journal worth? How about in NurseZone – or your local newspaper? Is the Wall St. Journal worth more?

Well – as in many things in life the answer is “it depends.”

It depends on the two things that every communication decision depends upon – your target audience and your goals.

If you’re an image consultant that works with nurses and your goal with your PR efforts is to generate business for your firm, then NurseZone is more likely to help you reach your audience and meet your goals.

If you own a small business in a community where the majority of your customers are likely to come from, then the local newspaper is likely to hold the most value.

If you’re the author of a business book targeted at senior executives, the Wall St. Journal will probably represent the greatest value to you.

The point is that before you can accurately answer the question of “which is best” you need to really understand your goals and be honest with yourself about what they are. It’s certainly okay to target national media simply to boost your image, even though the readers/viewers you’re reaching don’t necessarily represent your target market.

On the other hand, it’s also perfectly okay to confine your PR efforts to the local community if you’re simply looking for business and want to create awareness and preference for what you have to offer.

While many people consider PR to be “free,” the truth is that there are costs involved in generating media exposure for your business – those costs are reflected in the time you invest and sometimes in the cost of consultants that you may hire to work with you.

Clearly identifying your goals, your desired audience and then prioritizing your PR efforts to align with these will ensure that you’re spending your time – and money – most effectively.

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