Should You Be Forthright About Your Pricing?

A recent LinkedIn question resonated with me – “Why don’t people like to talk about pricing UPFRONT?” Why indeed?

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to make a purchase decision because you can’t get pricing information from coy salespeople or cryptic web sites? In my opinion,

in most cases it’s a mistake to *not* talk price up front. While sales experts may say otherwise, this is an “inside out” POV that is designed more for the benefit of the seller than the buyer. And whose opinion really matters – the sales experts’ or your target audiences’?

Consider your own buying habits. When you’re in the market for something – anything – price is always an issue of concern. Value/smalue! Consumers can’t really judge value without some consideration of out-of-pocket cost. Not providing a price – or being coy about pricing – can turn buyers off in many cases.

In an environment where there are generally multiple options available to consumers and their time is at a premium, anything you do to complicate the sales process creates a potential barrier that may cause them to look elsewhere. That includes not being forthcoming with pricing information.

I’m definitely more likely to engage if I know the price up front. I don’t have the time, patience or inclination to play sales games which are imminently transparent.

If you really have something of value to offer, why not “tell it all, tell it now”?

What do you think?

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