Sarah Palin – Taking the World by Storm

Have you noticed Sarah Palin lately? How could you not! She seems to be everywhere – in the newspapers, in the tabloids, in the magazines, on TV – in the news, the talk shows, roasted on the late night comedy shows. Wherever you look, there she is.

It’s not an accident that suddenly Sarah Palin is everywhere – it’s sheer PR genius really. Timed to coincide with the release of her book Going Rogue, the Palin parade is clearly a well timed and carefully orchestrated attempt to make sure that whoever you are, wherever you are – and whatever you think about Palin – you can hardly avoid knowing that she’s just written a new book.

The blitz, the timing, the use of multiple media channels and the consistency in messaging are classic techniques in any PR campaign. Why? Because it works. Palin’s publisher reports that Going Rogue: An American Life, sold 300,000 copies its first day out, according to the Associated Press. By way of comparison, Bill Clinton’s My Life sold 400,000 copies on its release date in 2004 (Hillary’s Living History sold 200,000 copies the previous year).

Clearly, planning pays. Taking the time to map out a careful strategy for any PR effort – whether launching a book by a major political celebrity, or announcing the opening of a new restaurant – requires more than simply generating a news release.

The next time you have something newsworthy to share – with a local, regional or national audience, take the time to step back and think strategically about how you can leverage all available communication tactics to really make an impact. Even a fraction of success that Palin’s PR efforts have generated would be well worth the effort.

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