Little Touches Leave Lasting Impression

Our water heater went out recently and my husband researched and ordered a part online from – Not the kind of company that one might, necessarily, expect anything special from, right? After all, a plumbing part is a plumbing part.

But the day the part was delivered – I heard my husband exclaim first: “Hey! The part is here!” and then, shortly after that, “Wow! Isn’t THIS cool!”He ran up to my office (literally) to show me, replicating the actual experience of opening the box – “I opened it up like this, and look what I found!” Tucked into the left-hand side of the box, nestled up to the part he’d ordered was a miniature bag of JellyBelly® candy.

Now the company obviously could not have known that JellyBelly® happens to be my husband’s favorite candy, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the lasting impression that this little touch will leave on him – me – and whoever happens to read this blog.

That’s, an oval-shaped red label on the outside of the package contains the words: Underpromise. Overperform. Exceptional Service.)

I, for one, am impressed.

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