Have You Checked Your “Junk Mail” or “Spam” Folder Lately?

I was having lunch with a friend lately when the topic of email – and difficulty in getting that email to its intended destination – came up. She was surprised to learn that some of the items that might be going to her “junk mail” or “spam” folder might actually be relevant mail. I was surprised that she had never checked this folder to see what’s going in there.

I check my junk mail folder as often – albeit not as *thoroughly* – as I check my inbox. And, yes, more often than not there is legitimate mail in there – mail from prospects, mail from editors I’ve queried or who I’ve worked with in the past, mail from new students, mail from “just folks” who may have visited my web site and have some questions for me.

I’ve actually wondered sometimes why I even bother to use a junk mail file, but it does help me to prioritize where to look first to a certain degree. And, the task of looking through the junk file is less taxing than reading through my inbox. The time spent, in any event, is worth it to me.

While you can “train” your computer to send certain mail to the junk mail file, it is also quite likely that the filters will choose to automatically send mail there that is legitimate mail.

Take a look. You may very well be surprised to find that your junk mail or spam file contains some messages that you really didn’t want to overlook! (Let me know what you find out – I’m curious to learn how many “gems” may have been missed.)

(And, if you ever wonder why someone has not returned a message that you sent, it’s worth the time to pick up the phone to call – there’s a good chance that your email may be languishing in their spam folder.)

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