I was meeting with a client last week who wanted to produce a 5-6 minute promotional video. The video needed to include: a focus on the new national campaign theme, a focus on the new local campaign theme, a focus on the areas served, a focus on the organization’s new direction for the coming year, a focus on…OK, you get the point.

It’s tough to focus. Any organization has multiple objectives and messages that need to be conveyed and there can be a tendency to try to “do it all” in one message. The trouble with that, though, isthat consumers don’t have the time, inclination or patience to try to figure out the point you’re trying to make. They need *you* to tell them the point you’re trying to make – clearly and concisely. Trying to do too much in one message only leads to confusion and frustration – in short, a disconnect between you and your target audience.

When thinking about the *key* message you wish to convey, the most important thing you can do is try to put yourself in the mind of your target consumer and think about *what’s important to them.* Not what you want to tell them – but *what’s important to them.”

Do they care that you have a new campaign theme? No.

Do they care about your service area? Probably not.

Do they care how many years you’ve been in business? Not likely

Do they care about your new building? Your exceptional sales this past quarter? Your recognition from some trade association? Probably not.

What they care about – what we *all* really care about – is “what’s in it for me?” How will your product/service make my life easier? make me more successful in my job? in my relationships? What’s in it for me?

And if, by chance, your product or service meets many needs for your target audience, you need to prioritize those needs. What at this point in time, given a particular communication tool and a particular target audience is the *most compelling* message you can send to convince the target to act?

That’s your focus.

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