Key Communication Skills Explained in E-cards

Just as medical students acquire skills in science and math, people with degrees in communication have a different set of skills. They know the importance of creating effective and efficient lines of communication in the work they perform.

Here are three e-cards that explain how communication professionals think.


1. It’s extremely frustrating to work with or for people who don’t understand the importance of communication in the business world. Communication professionals know how to get information across with limited late emails, missed calls, or lack of texts and tweets. Learning these skills as well as how to communicate effectively can help you communicate better with everyone.

2. Writing is one of the most important skills to have, not only in journalism and media, but in any career. The ability to write effectively and efficiently is an art. When accomplished, it can make the communication process much simpler and more reliable.

3. Two words: social media. Communication professionals know the ins and outs of social networking. They understand the difference between a good post and a bad post. They know how to use social media to promote themselves or a business – without being annoying or repetitive.

So the next time you have to work with someone who’s communication skills are quite intimidating, refer to these e-cards to ease your mind.

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